8th Aug.Integrative Nutrition Health coaching class

■Content of the workshop

– Primary and secondary foods explained:

– What are the things that actually nurture us?

– What should we focus on?

– Bio-individuality:

– What is good for you, might not be good for me.

– Basics of a balanced meal (with examples):

– what a balanced plate looks like.

– Nutrition & yoga:

– How should a yogi eat?

– Incorporating yoga principles into everyday life:

– Activity: Ahimsa applied to real life.

■Lecturer introduction

Patty graduated from New York’s Holistic Nutrition school “The Institute of Integrative Nutrition “ (IIN).

She helps individuals by guiding and teaching them techniques and tools to improve their nutrition, balance their hormones, reduce sugar consumption and manage stress.

She practices at the Sharath yoga center in Mysore, India, and is also a level II authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

Finding balance in life through yoga and other coaching techniques is Patty’s approach to health. She works from Panama city, Panama and she teaches ashtanga at Mysore Panama.@mysorepanama

This workshop will teach you what is a balanced life in a holistic approach and show you some tools to apply it in real life. This course will guide you to learn more about yourself and your body.

Bring a notebook to take notes!

* The second workshop is scheduled for September.

■For resgister, please send your application by email.

Title: Integrative Nutrition Health coaching class

Please write your Name ;same name on zoom.

We will Send you back payment method and participation ID.


■Participation fee: 2500 yen (4000 yen for two simultaneous applications)

This is an online course by Zoom. * We will send the recording to the applicant.

The instructor speaks English, but there will be a Japanese interpreter.

There will be Q&A time at the end of the course for you to ask anything related to the workshop

If you send us your questions in advance, the communication will be smooth.

For more info about Patty: