Beginner’s Guide

My teacher in India always says:
“”Yoga is for everyone. Men and women, old and young, religion-independent, and sick.””
Then he smiles and says:
“”The only person who can’t do yoga is a lazy person.””

If you look at Ashtanga Yoga in videos, isn’t it for people with good motor skills and high physical ability? You may be worried.

But really anyone can do it.

Move your body as you breathe and concentrate on your condition …
Enjoy that time.

Wake up in the morning, comb your hair, brush your teeth
Repeat the same practice every day.

There are times when things are going well and times when things are going wrong.
Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes I don’t like it.
You can concentrate or you can’t …

However, when I finish practicing, I always feel refreshed (I’m glad I did it).
You can start your day comfortably.

For first-time users, how to breathe and how to use the body called banda
You will practice from the first asana, the sun salutation.
The guideline is about 1 hour for explanation and practice.

It ’s very difficult to explain in words like this.
If you are interested in it, I hope you will experience it and feel the comfort of yourself.”


・ Please refrain from eating before practicing.
・ Before practicing, take a shower to keep your body clean.
・ Avoid drinking water while practicing.
・ Women should take a rest for the first 3 days of menstruation.
・ If you have any concerns about your physical condition, please inform the instructor in advance.
・ Practice seriously, but let’s enjoy it without becoming stoic!